Your Medicare Supplement Plans Questions Are Answered Here


Various people have various queries, regarding such plans all over the world. And retirees amongst them are a worried lot. So, let us answer all today.

What benefits do Your Medicare Supplement Plans have for the retired?

Firstly, it is available for people above the age of 65 years and above. Medicare part A covers hospital cost, hospice, skilled nurse’s fees and other inpatient care. Part B covers doctor’s fees, medical equipment costs, ambulance services and a few more. This is most basic.

A Medicare Supplement Plan pays for your out of pocket expenses. In order to take part in Medicare Supplement Plans, you must have normal general medical insurance. Please note, that you cannot enrol in this plan and another Medicare Medical Savings Account, simultaneously. Health evaluation might be required to enrol in these plans.

For patients having last stage renal diseases

You may not get the facility, if you are suffering from some kind of renal disease. However, you get assistance from Social security.

Then, many of the states are having companies who are selling these plans to people under 65 years of age and suffering from renal diseases. They are Colorado, New Jersey, Texas and a few more. Legislation differs from place to place.

What if you cannot enroll in the Medicare Supplement Plans

If, die to certain reasons you are not able to enrol in any of these plans, you can get aid from Medicaid. It mostly depends on your annual income. Then there are Medicare Special Needs Plans, which cater to certain diseases.

Few days back, some of them were sending in queries regarding Medicare Supplement Plan F. They were asking if it was being abolished. It covers more than 50% of the 5 lac beneficiaries above 65 years of age in the U.S. It is the most comprehensive plan,

It covers Part A deductibles, Medicare Part B charges, Part A hospital coinsurance, hospice care, Blood, skilled nurse’s facility and more.  The list is long.

Well, the law is only for new enrolments. Those who have already purchased Plan F get to avail its benefits. Still in case, if you miss Plan F, you can avail of Plan G. Its coverage is similar except Part B coverage.

So, there is nothing much to worry about. You can still get the same benefits from these plans. It is a matter of time that you may be offered better health plans. So, let us enjoy the benefits of what we have currently.